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Couples Counseling

Counseling for couples who are struggling with challenges within their relationship. Couples counseling can help to improve and strengthen the relationship. It can also help the couples enhance the potential with working through relationship challenges to include: Communication, Life Changes/Transitions, Infidelity, Infertility, Addiction, and an Addition or Loss of a Child or loved one. Pre-marital assistance is also offered to couples seeking support and guidance upon entering the union of marriage.

Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling with the child, adolescent or adult client that permits a safe and confidential place to discuss the conflicts of daily life. Active and reflective listening is provided and new coping strategies are learned as tools for finding new solutions that meet the client's needs.

Child Play Therapy

As we know children are concrete thinkers until early adolescence and therefore need concrete ways for self-expression. In addition to process (talk) therapy another modality can be used called play therapy. The "play" in play therapy provides children with the opportunity to express their feelings. It allows them to use something other than verbal communication. Play is a concrete way for emoting their feelings, struggles, and concerns. Play therapy can also allow a safe distance between themselves and the problem at hand, making the therapy process much easier for them.

Family Counseling

Counseling that includes the child client and their parent (s)/guardian (s) to assist with making a positive change within the family unit to eliminate the challenges and/or unwanted behavior of the client and the family. Assessment and feedback is provided within a positive environment to promote new solutions towards a healthier family dynamic.

Parent Support Coaching

An individual session is geared towards providing support, encouragement, and feedback to parents. Feedback can include assessment and observation from the therapist and introducing new parenting strategies and interventions. In addition, filial play therapy can be introduced and taught to the parent as a way to strengthen the relationship and bond that already exists between the parent and child. Parent coaching is also offered to adults to assist with typical life challenges and decisions.

Heather is a Qualified Supervisor and is able to supervise licensed mental health counseling, social work, and marriage and family interns for licensure.